This is a collection of materials, from different perspectives, on the case of David Miller of Bristol University.

Updated 28 April 2021

1. News items
2. Opinion pieces
3. Statements by students
4. Statements in parliament
5. Collective and organisational statements: critical of Miller
6. Collective and organisational statements: supportive of Miller
7. Statements by Miller…

Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex

Please see end of this post for additional notes added since publication.

In the context of emerging information about the new variant of Covid-19, UCU has called for employers to implement a minimum ventilation level of 12–17 litres per second per person of fresh air…

Number 105: #USSbriefs105

Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex

Please see two additional notes at end of this Brief.

Photo by lukasmilan on Pixaby

Until now the standard test for Covid-19 has been the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. But in the last six weeks a new type of test, a Lateral Flow test made by Innova which gives…

Number 99: #USSbriefs99

Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex
Felicity Callard, University of Glasgow
Warren Pearce, University of Sheffield

Image credit, copyright PA Archive

UPDATE: if you know of a UK University planning to teach all-online in the autumn, let us know on Twitter or by email and we will update this list

Although large numbers of US colleges…

Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex

Document created 18 January 2020
Updated 19 January 2020

The original piece is #USSbriefs89. Many thanks to those who have commented on it. I have paraphrased the comments below before responding. Further comments welcome: or @aechitty1.

Q1 In section 1 you say that USS…

Andrew Chitty

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Sussex

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